Psychologically perfectionist, KAPILL KAMRA has 24 years of successful journey of serving FINE-ART, professional working experience with advertising firms, creative campaigns, advertising photography, luxury architecture photography, luxury hotels & resorts photography, and art compositions for global companies.

A renowned environment photographer, self-inspired by the perfect picture style which he learned after many years serving prominent [Ad Firms, Architecture Firms, Real Estate Firms, Education and Medical Institutions, and hospitality Industries]. He is best known for resolving project-based toughest challenges, to offer the best result to his reputed clients.   

An eye of maestro composes frames inspired by modern “environment psychology”, and has created the unique in-depth ART-LINE for matching contemporary designed environment named [FRAMEZI].  

Education- KAPILL KAMRA has the degree of MBA, (Master of business administration, Marketing)  from IMT Ghaziabad. year 2002 

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